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Tejumola Olaniyan Reading Group

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An “informal” collective of young scholars doing interdisciplinary studies in Global Black Literatures and Cultures and wanting to vigorously engage the works and thoughts of the late Professor Tejumola Olaniyan. This group is conceived as a peer colloquium of sorts, where participants can cultivate a sense of collegiality to carry on into the future. It is “informal” only in the sense that it is not meant to function in the manner of such formal organizations as the African Literature Association. It is, on the contrary, an avenue that will be so fluid as to allow for fruitful collaborations among participants.

TOF Africa Summer Institute

Public Speaker

The Tejumola Olaniyan Foundation will run an institute every summer to provide opportunities for select early career faculty and graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees in any Global Black Cultural Studies field of study to participate.  Successful applicants will:

  • Participate in a series of seminars to enhance readiness to succeed in PhD studies.

  • Engage in short research “laboratory”

    • an opportunity to gain research experience in preparation for the work they will do in their graduate programs and beyond

    • research topics must focus on topics in global Black cultural studies.

  • Learn how to build supportive community of scholars and network for academic and professional success.


The first Institute will be scheduled for 2023 Summer.

  • Announcement of campus site for 2023 Summer Institute and application submissions: January 2023

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