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Tejumola Olaniyan International Student Travel Award 

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The purpose of this Fund at University of Wisconsin-Madison is to support graduate student travel. At least one travel award bearing the name of Tejumola Olaniyan shall be awarded annually to an international graduate student engaged in the study of Global Black Cultures. The African Studies Program shall administer the award competition, with members of the African Studies Program faculty selecting the annual award recipient. The recipient of the award should submit a 1-2 page report detailing the outcomes of their research within 1-year of receiving the award. The award is intended to support domestic or international travel by the student to conduct fieldwork, archival, and/or creative research.

Tejumola Olaniyan Memorial Lecture


In a career that spanned over three decades, Tẹjumọla Ọlaniyan pursued a unique, capacious, and generous vision of humanistic scholarship in the field of African literary and cultural studies, including the black world as a whole and extending beyond it. “My deep interest,” he once asserted with characteristic precision, “is transdisciplinary teaching and research. My goal is the cultivation of critical self-reflexivity about our expressions and their many contexts.”

The Tejumola Olaniyan Memorial Lecture is sponsored by the UW-Madison Department of English with support from the UW-Madison Department of African Cultural Studies and the Center for the Humanities.

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